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Garden Design

Balance Garden Design offers a refreshing approach to creating a garden. Owner, Naomi Wynn is passionate about crafting unique gardens that invite you to enjoy your outdoor space.

Through knowledge of design, sustainable gardening and horticulture, Naomi takes the art of garden making to new levels. She works collaboratively with clients and spends time understanding how you use your garden, turning your brief into an individually tailored space that balances all aspects of your lifestyle.

Each and every garden concept is designed according to the unique needs of the client; organic vegetable gardens, structured low maintenance feature areas, botanical style development and regeneration for long term improvement, are all carefully planned taking into consideration soil and weather conditions. Healthy and mature plants and trees are selected and used with knowledgeable soil advice with a focus on natural organic and sustainable products.

The design process begins with an initial on-site meeting to assess the possibilities of the project. Whether transforming an existing garden or creating one from scratch, Naomi’s innate sense of design, together with an understanding of each clients requirements, the style of the house and the surrounding landscape enables Naomi to make gardens that are both functional and visually beautiful. Specialist craftsmen are sourced for irrigation, ponds, paving, swimming pools and fencing.

Balance Garden Design recognises the importance of horticulture and its role in gardens. Plants and sound design principals are integrated to create a unique garden. There is no off the shelf or one size fits all approach.

Naomi’s desire is to assist and inspire everyone to garden, and enjoy their outdoor landscape. Big, small, young or old, gardens and the time we spend in them should be an essential part of life.

Our services

Consultation Services

  • Onsite garden consultation including design suggestions
  • problem solving on existing planting issues
  • maintenance tips.
  • recommended plants and design points

Garden design services

  • On-site consultation discussing how your garden is used and how to incorporate a design that will meet you lifestyle.
  • Detailed plans showing both plant selections and hard landscaping ideas
  • List of plant names (botanical and common) and the pot sizes recommended
  • General maintenance advice
  • Detailed Plant Maintenance Programs for large private, residential and commercial gardens
  • Project management overseeing installation of design.